Groups & Communities

  • Objectifs

    Established in 2003, Objectifs is a non-profit visual arts centre dedicated to photography and film in Singapore.

  • Platform.SG

    PLATFORM is a gathering of Singapore-based photographers, who use stills, video or multimedia, to tell stories.

  • Invisible Photographer Asia
    Invisible Photographer Asia

    Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) was founded in 2010, and since then has grown into a leading and influential platform for Photography and Arts in Asia.

  • Deck.SG

    A communal art space for people to gather in the name of art and photography. DECK is a physical manifestation of how photography transcends time and space (Discovery), sparks conversation (Engagement), brings people together (Community) and conveys information (Knowledge). These made up the acronym D.E.C.K.

  • Clubsnap

    ClubSNAP, the largest dedicated photography discussion forum and community site in Singapore with more than 188,000 members from Singapore, South East Asia and other parts of the world.

  • EOS World
    EOS World

    EOS World is an online community for like-minded photographers to come together and appreciate the art of photography, together with contests and events.

  • NikonClub

    NikonClub was specifically designed to create an exclusive enclave for Nikon product owners like you. By providing a wide array of exciting promotions, activities and rewards which only Nikon product owners are entitled to, we hope to engage you further and expand on potential services to cater to your needs. With a range of activities within NikonClub, being a member of this exclusive Club brings about an experience that’s more than just owning a Nikon camera!

  • PPAS

    The Professional Photographers Association (Singapore) is the leading association for individuals and companies engaged in the photography trade, helping our members gain global standing in the realm of professional photography.


  • SIPF

    Singapore International Photography (SIPF), the first event of its kind in Southeast Asia – its first edition held in October 2008, is a non-profit biennial festival that strives to provide a platform for Southeast Asian artists to showcase their works alongside their international peers at various venues across Singapore.

Courses & Workshops

  • AV8 Media)
    AV8 Media

    AV8 Media is a systems integrator and training provider for all aspects of Digital Content Creation. We integrate solutions for Audio and Video editing as well as 2D and 3D animation. Our Reflecmedia blue screen chroma key solutions form the core of our specially designed studios. We have built studios and editing facilities for a range of education providers ,from Primary schools all the way up to Tertiary institutions.

  • Singapore Media Academy
    Singapore Media Academy

    Singapore Media Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mediacorp, Singapore’s leading media company, offering training, education and consultancy services to address the needs of the local and regional media industries.

  • Objectifs Workshops
    Objectifs Workshops

    Objectifs provides instruction in photography and filmmaking at different skill levels. Our courses are offered at a part-time level, so that you can learn and create outside the confines of a diploma or full-time environment.

  • Nikon School
    Nikon School

    At Nikon, we share the same passion for photography as you do. Nikon School helps you develop your interest for photography by making it simple and easy to understand and love.

Formal Education

  • Communication Design, BA (Hons)
    Communication Design, BA (Hons)

    Communication Design encourages a critical engagement with historic and contemporary practice, relating social cultural and political contexts. Learning is supported by a weekly series of professional practice lectures, in which some of the most respected designers in Europe visit the School and meet our students. A partnership between Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and Glasgow School of Art (GSA).

  • BFA in Art, Design and Media
    BFA in Art, Design and Media

    This degree combines rigorous foundation in traditional art and design studio disciplines, and innovative development in new media that incorporates contemporary art, design and media studies with an emphasis on studio practice in a specifics discipline balanced with scholarship in cultural and historical studies.

  • Bachelor of Communication Studies
    Bachelor of Communication Studies

    The Bachelor of Communication Studies is a 4 year programme for undergraduates interested in majoring in Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcast and Cinema Studies, Communications Research, Interdisciplinary and Information Analytics.

  • Diploma in Communication Design
    Diploma in Communication Design

    The Communication Design course is home to curious and critical thinkers who thrive on deadlines and enjoy churning fresh and exciting ideas. The work we do spans both the latest digital platforms and the elegant craft-based sensitivity of the old-school. This is a vibrant environment that constantly pushes the envelope, challenging students to reach higher crags in creative expression.

  • Diploma in Communications & Media Management
    Diploma in Communications & Media Management

    The Diploma in Communications and Media Management provides broad-based media and communication education in the form of interesting theoretical and practical subjects. From photography and graphic design to journalism and media concepts, you learn basic skills and theoretical knowledge to function as media professionals.

  • Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design
    Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design

    This course marries art and technology to create exciting and innovative digital entertainment using sophisticated computer tools with cutting-edge technologies and techniques. You will build your skills in visual arts techniques, film and production, as well as technical and analytical skills.

  • Diploma in Animation
    Diploma in Animation

    In a very creative environment using both traditional cels and the latest technologies in computer graphic animation, you will learn how to narrate a story visually into a storyboard, design amazing characters and environments, and to animate them with a variety of styles.

  • Diploma in Mass Media Management
    Diploma in Mass Media Management

    This course provides students with a strong foundation in media studies and media management, as well as equipping them with creative media production skills in TV and print.

  • Diploma in Visual Communication
    Diploma in Visual Communication

    The Diploma in Visual Communication programme aims to develop creative, analytical, innovative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible visual communication designers capable of identifying and investigating communication problems, and delivering imaginative and effective ideas, information and solutions through design.

  • Diploma in Film, Sound & Video
    Diploma in Film, Sound & Video

    Enrol in the Diploma in Film, Sound & Video (FSV) and learn the art of telling compelling stories of your own. By stretching your imagination and bringing your work to life using the latest technology, FSV gives you a strong foundation both in the artistic and technical aspects of filmmaking.

  • Diploma in Mass Communication
    Diploma in Mass Communication

    A compelling narrative has the power to impact lives. With a comprehensive curriculum ranging from print, online and broadcast journalism to advertising, public relations, radio, TV and social media, you’ll learn how to effectively use all media platforms to tell the stories that need to be heard.

  • Diploma in Mass Communication
    Diploma in Mass Communication

    Dream of becoming a world-class journalist? The DMC will help you build a strong foundation across multiple media platforms including digital, print and br/oadcast. The course will teach you to tailor your messages to reach specific audiences for maximum impact.

  • Diploma in Media Production & Design
    Diploma in Media Production & Design

    Using both conventional and digital media formats, you will learn to produce a range of content to enlighten and enliven your audiences. Our comprehensive hands-on training will help you to master key techniques in media production, resulting in a portfolio of dynamic visual works across multiple media channels.

  • Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design
    Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design

    SP Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design offers a holistic design education that incorporates humanities, technology, media and more. Our comprehensive programme exposes you to the many facets of visual communication and media design – graphic design advertising, branding, digital photography, illustration, video production and interaction design.

  • Diploma in Media and Communication
    Diploma in Media and Communication

    The Diploma in Media and Communication is a comprehensive mass communication course with emphasis in digital media, research and psychology. Learn to use print, broadcast and digital media to their best effect: in branding and advertising, event management, journalism, media research, new media marketing, public relations, as well as video and audio production.

  • Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
    Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

    SP Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics covers creation and presentation of visual effects, motion graphics, and more. You are given the liberty to create your next masterpiece, be it through motion graphics, graphic design, photography, 3D animation and modelling, visual effects and so on.


  • Cultjobs

    We noticed a gap when it came to finding creative jobs. You either waded through a bunch of generalist job sites or relied on good ‘ol word of mouth. A small, simple and free job board for anyone to advertise a creative job opportunity.

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